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It is important to contact our best criminal lawyers in Melbourne for private & public examinations to protect your rights.
We represent and protect the rights of individuals who are required to give evidence in both private and public hearings;

  • Royal Commissions
  • Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission(ACIC)
  • Court Ordered Examinations
  • Private Examinations by the Office Chief Examiner
  • Public Inquiries



    Royal Commissions play a crucial role in shaping public policy and protecting the community as they promote careful inquiry into matters of significant public importance. These are generally investigations into the conducts of public servants in matters of significant public importance.

    A federal royal commission shares very broad powers in order to gather information and has the power to summon a witness to give evidence or produce documents. There are serious consequences for failing to follow a direction of the Royal Commission as the Royal Commission Act includes statutory offences for non-compliance.

    At Balot Reilly Lawyers we can protect your rights if you are summonsed by the Royal Commission to give evidence and ensure that you are well advised regarding self-incrimination and do not incriminate yourself. This may avoid prosecution or restrict the scope of a prosecution. Royal Commissions also provide an opportunity for individuals to voice their concerns over matters of public interest and at Balot Reilly Lawyers we can assist you in ensuring your concerns are not only heard, but also considered.


    The ACIC is tasked with the responsibility of reducing the risk and growth of serious and organised crime in Australia by working together with Australian Law Enforcement agencies investigating serious and organised crime.

    Like Royal Commissions, the Australian Crime Commission shares coercive powers to gather information which are not available to State Police or the Australian Federal Police. However the investigations are not open to the public and are held in private with strict secrecy.
    In addition to the traditional powers that are available to either State or Federal Police the Australian Crime Commission has the power to summons a witness to appear before an Examiner and request that a witness provide their knowledge under oath or any serious or organised crime.

    Unlike traditional police questioning, witnesses are not able to refuse to answer questions on the basis of fear of self-incrimination, therefore careful and considered advice is necessary. At Balot Reilly Lawyers we appreciate that being examined by the Australian Crime Commission is a very stressful, daunting and intimidating experience and are here to guide you offer you carefully considered advice and guide you through every step of the investigatory process. We are aware of people that have been caught lying for trivial matters and sentenced to a term of imprisonment.

    Melbourne Criminal Lawyers for private and public examinations Balot Reilly
    462 William Street Melbourne West Victoria 3003

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