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In Melbourne and the rest of Victoria it is important to retain the best criminal lawyers in Melbourne for Judicial Review.
Judicial review generally involves the Supreme Court reviewing a decision of a Magistrate or a Judge of lower court. Naturally sometimes Judges make mistakes of law or a finding of fact. Those mistakes can be reviewed and corrected by the Supreme Court. Balot Reilly criminal lawyers are able to assist you if you have experienced an injustice by a court that failed to apply the law correctly in your case. Balot Reilly lawyers can professionally represent you in applying to the Supreme Court to correct the mistake of law or injustice. Balot Reilly criminal lawyers have successfully reviewed court decisions where mistakes of law or fact have been made against our clients by a lower court and we have also recovered legal costs for the benefit of our clients for the expenses incurred at the lower court and the higher court. Balot Reilly lawyers can greatly assist you of your case requires judicial review.

An example might be where a magistrate refuses an application for an adjournment of a hearing despite a legitimate medical certificate. Balot Reilly criminal lawyers successfully applied to the Supreme Court for judicial review where an accused person sent a medical certificate to a court to support an application for an adjournment of the case and the Magistrate refused the adjournment application despite a medical certificate and proceeded with the hearing and found the charge proven in the accused's absence. Balot Reilly lawyers successfully applied to the Supreme Court for judicial review of the decision of the lower court and also recovered legal costs associated with the legal expense of reviewing the decision for the benefit of the client and also for the legal expenses incurred at the lower court.

If you're contemplating a judicial review you need to ensure that you speak to an experienced Balot Reilly criminal lawyer as soon as possible noting that strict time limits apply.

Choosing an inexperienced lawyer in judicial review can be very costly because not only will an applicant be liable for their own costs but also for the costs of the other side. Balot Reilly criminal lawyers will advise you professionally and honestly about your prospects of success to avoid a potential disaster.

Balot Reilly Solicitors are highly experienced in successfully representing clients in judicial reviews and will fight for your rights!

Melbourne Criminal Lawyers Balot Reilly
462 William Street Melbourne West, Victoria 3003

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