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It is important to contact our best criminal lawyers in Melbourne for coronial inquests to assist you with a coronial inquest.
The Coroner’s Court of Victoria is charged with the responsibility of investigating the cause of certain deaths and fires. All deaths in custody are subject to coronial inquests. Balot Reilly criminal lawyers are highly experienced legal representatives in;

  • Acting for families and assisting them to obtain answers or closure regarding the death of their loved one and also
  • Defending the rights of suspects who are required to give evidence in coronial inquests.

    Coronial Inquests are heard and determined by a Coroner and the conduct of the proceeding is very different to any other court proceeding. The Coroner’s role is to investigate the cause of deaths and fires and using the inquisitorial process to get to the truth. This is an effective system of uncovering the truth using a different process to the adversarial system adopted by the County Court or Supreme Court, where the judge’s role is one of an adjudicator not investigator.

    Some hearings are proceeded on the papers so to speak which are administrative and no evidence is called and others are public hearings with witnesses giving evidence.

    Upon reviewing all the evidence the Coroner will write a finding, which may result in a recommendation being made to the Director of Public Prosecutions to pursue the prosecution of a suspect. At Balot Reilly Lawyers we can protect a suspect against self-incrimination and/or support and assist the families involved in an inquiry.

    Assisting families of the deceased
    Balot Reilly Lawyers can assist families to discover the truth behind a suspicious death. We can also represent and advise suspects who are investigated for the suspicious death of the deceased. Balot Reilly Lawyers can advise and assist you with coronial inquests is your friend or relative has died in custody, in a car accident or in suspicious circumstances, etc. in obtaining answers to your questions and unearthing the trust of the reasons for death.

    Assisting suspects in the death of the deceased
    Balot Reilly Lawyers can also assist you if you have been summoned / subpoenaed to give evidence and you believe that your evidence would tend to incriminate you, because after all the Coroner can make recommendations to the Director of Public Prosecutions to prosecute you or others for the death of the person subject to the inquest.

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